Spring Tips for Healthy Skin; A Cosmetic Dermatologists Take

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy all Spring Long

A Q & A with a Platinum Cosmetic Dermatologist.

As March and April arrive and Spring blooms, it is time to think about your skin regimen and some simple tips for ensuring healthy radiant skin.  Speaking with one of our Board-Certified Dermatologists, here are some winning tips to protect your skin as the Texas sun heats up.

Q: In terms of face washing, is there an advantage to using warm or cooler water?

A: Definitely, warm water in the winter feels good on the skin, but as the temperature rises, hot water can dry out your skin. Stick with lukewarm water to avoid reducing natural oils.

Q: What about exfoliation?

A: Winter skin can create dead skin and cosmetic product build-up. The best recommendation is to utilize a microdermabrasion procedure at a dermatologist office, the results will leave your skin younger, brighter and healthier.

Q: Any advice on face products?

A: Yes, as Spring arrives, move away from heavier cream-based products and into gels or lotions. Creams work well in the Winter to retain moisture, but gels and lotions should be the Summer choice.

Q: Any advice on sunscreen?

A: The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) should be at least 30 (blocks 97% of UV rays) to avoid sun damage. Apply liberally, as you spend more time outdoors.

Q: Explain how a chemical peel can help me with Spring skin?

A: A dermatology professional can provide a seasonal cleaning, which offers a deep renewing cleanse.

Q: Any other suggestions for Spring skin?

A: Definitely, look for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating on clothing to avoid sun damage.  As an example, a UPF of 50 is allowing 1/50 of the sun’s rays (2%) on to the skin.


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Author Platinum Dermatology — Published March 1, 2019

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