Shopping With Your Skin In Mind

Learn what to buy at the grocery store for good skin!

Hit the supermarket aisles for good skin?  Yes!  You are what you eat.  What you consume has a direct impact on the health of your skin.  With September being National Food Month rethink those legumes for healthy skin.  Certain foods have powerhouse ingredients that keep skin soft and smooth and help fight age-related damage not only on the inside but also on the outside!


Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or grapefruit.  In research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is showed that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who don’t.  In fact, vitamin C fights free radicals, which damage cells and break down collagen and that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.  It is not only great to consume berries but also use it as a mask once or twice a week.  Coat your face with a great berry smoothie and leave on for about 8 minutes before rinsing it off and while you wait have a sip of that smoothie!

Olive Oil

Olive oil has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit you on the inside as well as work wonders to soften your skin as well.  When olive oil is applied to the skin it makes it smoother and more radiant- who doesn’t want that glow!  When you consume olive oil it reduces inflammation and disarms free radicals.  Next time you are at a nice Italian dinner drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil on your greens or dip your bread in it to improve your skin from the inside out. 

Green Tea

Having a warm cup of green tea does a lot more for you than just releasing the stressors of a busy day.  It has great anti-inflammation properties and antioxidants which fight free radicals.  What’s more, research from Case Western Reserve University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that drinking green tea may reduce your risk of skin cancer. And when you add a generous squeeze of lemon juice the tea’s potent ingredients have better staying power which equals better benefits to your body.  And don’t throw out those tea bags!  By chilling tea bags in the fridge and then placing on the eyes for 10-15 minutes it acts as an astringent and reduces puffiness.


When we think of pumpkin we think of Halloween—but did you know this super gourd is not at all scary!  So, don’t be haunted by pumpkin.  Pumpkin’s orange coloring is from carotenoids which simply put are wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help damaged cells.  Pumpkin is filled with vitamins C, E and A that work wonders in cleansing the skin—so munch away on pumpkin seeds which is not only great for skin but also helps with the digestive track.  Pumpkin is also a great mask for your face softening as well as hydrating your skin.

So, next time when you are running to the grocery store, keep in mind there are easy foods to grab that do double duty!  Make smart choices and your skin will thank you!

Author Platinum Dermatology — Published September 2, 2019