Men's Health Month: Skin Care Tips for Men

Skin Care Tips to Last Men All Year.

Your skin the your largest organ, learn how to protect it with our tips.

A lot of men believe that skin care rituals are just for women- well you are wrong!  Your skin is just as important to take care of. However, it is different so don’t reach for your ladies’ products. You need to start creating your own routine for better skin care. It goes without saying, always wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 of higher. Apply it on all parts of your body and don’t forget your ears, hands and feet. Use a lip balm with sun protection to guard your lips.


Overall, men have larger pores on their skin and are more prone to breakouts and acne.  Well, don’t sweat it- here are some easy ways to get your skin glowing this summer:


Wash your face 2x a day.  Since men’s skin tends to be oiler there is a greater chance for pores to become clogged.  Use a good quality cleanser or face wash for men.  Soaps can be drying to the face.  You want to make sure to use a clarifying cleanser which reaches deep inside the pores. The added bonus? It prepares your face for a great shave or exfoliation as well as prevents ingrown hairs. 


Now you probably go to the gym to TONE your body.  Well, there is a TONER designed for your skin.  Men’s skin is tougher and thicker than a woman’s skin and can tolerate a toner with Glycolic acid (GA).  GA helps keep pores clean and restores balance to the skin as well as reduces the risk of ingrown hairs post shaving. 


Get rid of the excess skin. Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of the dead skin cells and make your skin look refreshed.  Men should typically exfoliate every three days—so think of is as your twice weekly routine.  By removing old skin cells, it makes way for younger cells- and who doesn’t want to look younger!


Hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer and an aftershave.  Using a lightweight moisturizer with a SPF of 15 or above will help keep your skin moisturized and helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  Moisturizer will also heal your skin it you have been in the sun too long.  Also, use an aftershave, as it can help restore moisture to your skin after a close shave.  And don’t over-shave!  Try avoiding shaving every day in the summer.  Your skin is in overtime during the summer trying to battle UV rays. 


And last but certainly not least, acne! Remember that if you have acne and use a product that has salicylic acid, only use it at night because it can make your skin more prone to sunburn.  These products work in taking off the top layer of your skin which makes it much more sensitive to UV rays. 


Well wasn’t that easy?  By adding a few products and rethinking your routine, you too can have healthy skin!


Author Platinum Dermatology — Published June 7, 2019

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