FORE the Love of Your Skin

Lather Up Before Hitting the Links.

Learn how to protect your skin for golf season and beyond.

While a front nine of 30 is next to impossible, a SPF of 30 or greater is not.  Slather up your sunscreen. And remember to apply it to your children as well. Apply sunscreen about 15-20 minutes before even heading out to the driving range. More importantly remember to re-apply every two hours.  This may be challenging during a round of golf because you don’t want any oils on your hands.  There are some great sunscreens on the market to keep in mind that will not ruin your clubs. First, consider a zinc-based product. Zinc acts as a physical barrier and applies very easily leaving little residue on your hands or skins especially when you use the stick version.  Buy it in a fun, bright shade for your kids OR an invisible zinc stick for you.  Also, zinc stays put even when you sweat. Another alternative is spray sunscreen.  This fits easily in your golf bag or leave it handy on your cart.  It sprays on easily and evenly. Look for one that is sweat-resistant. 


Another tip; never play golf without a hat. Your face is very vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun and it needs a physical barrier. Remember, you need full coverage—a visor will not do.  The top of your head is very prone to the sun. There are a lot of great hat options and some even have built in SPF protection. 


Also, protect your eyes. It is recommended to wear wraparound sunglasses that block 99-100 percent of UV radiation, protecting the eyes, eyelid and surrounding under eye areas. Even on an overcast day you can get sun.  The sun penetrates the clouds and can still harm your skin.   


And our last tip, try wearing long sleeves while on the course. While that is not always practical, there is a great alternative called sun sleeves. These cooling, breathable sleeves work with short-sleeved golf shirts and keep your forearms from getting burned. These sleeves have SPF protection in them and are great alternative for sun protection. 

Remember the sun is strongest between 10 am-2 pm, so if possible avoid playing golf during the middle of the day. Twilight is a great time to tee up with your kids and enjoy a family friendly round of golf!


Author Platinum Dermatology — Published June 5, 2019