3 Steps to Avoiding Infection at the Nail Salon

When going to a nail salon, let’s face it; our health is the least of our worries. Our main focus is what color will suit the occasion or whether we want shellac. And soaking our tired feet in a tub of bubbly warm water is heaven, right? But when we treat ourselves it’s important to not leave the salon with anything but lovely skin and nails.


According to podiatrist Dr. Robert Spalding, approximately 70 percent of nail salons do not follow state protocol for disinfection, and more than a million people file reports of infection every year from nail salons.


Some of the major culprits for the spread of both fungal and bacterial infections:

  -  dull nail files, cutting skin versus shaving skin

  -  poor training and execution of nail trimming leading to injury

  -  not adhering to sanitary guidelines throughout the entire day


Have you been nicked and continued to have your nails painted? This has opened your skin to infection. For this reason, we have compiled some tips to help avoid compromising your health during your often-necessary beauty sessions.


  1. Never shave your legs right before you go to the salon. When you shave, you create minor abrasions that leave you open to infection. It’s best to wait 24 hours before heading to the salon for pampering.


  1. Most nail salons do not turn away fungal infections, and the human eye can’t detect some, so ask your technician to wear disposable gloves to avoid the spread of any communicable diseases.


  1. Use a sodium hypochlorite cleanser like CLn® Hand & Foot Wash to prevent the spread of fungus or bacteria. CLn® is a dermatologist favorite for over the counter remedies for skin prone to infections. You can definitely put a dollop of CLn® Hand & Foot Wash in the basin during you mani/pedi, but using CLn® after would be optimal to make sure there are no germs traveling home with you after your pampering session. As they say, an ounce of prevention…


Remember, taking time to get pampered is important, but let’s be smart about it. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse to not have healthy skin.

Author Platinum Dermatology — Published August 15, 2019

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